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Property ownership

You can use the property information we hold to:

  • find out who owns a registered property or piece of land
  • check whether a property is registered
  • prove your ownership of a registered property.

Find out online

Our online services let you buy:

Before you use this service

  • The documents you buy online are not admissible in court as evidence. 
    For this, you will need to order official copies of the title register and/or title plan by post.
  • You will be asked to register once you are ready to purchase.
  • To order, you will need a valid debit or credit, a valid email address and Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Search with full address

Search without full address

Things you need to know about the service

  • It will only provide details of land and properties that are registered.
  • It will not reveal certain non-residential registered titles such as tunnels, pipelines, mines and minerals, and airspace leases.
  • The entire fee is received by Land Registry via WorldPay, a company specialising in secure electronic payments. 

Find out by post

Proof of ownership and official copy

Most official requests for proof of ownership will ask you for an official copy of the title register. To get this you will need to fill in and send us form OC1 by post.

The official copy will tell you:

  • who owns a property or piece of land
  • the price last paid for the property, if it has been sold at market value
Download "Form OC1 - Application for official copies of title register or title plan" (PDF, 54KB)

The fees for this service are £7 for an official copy of the title register and £7 for an official copy of the title plan. This is payable by cheque, made out to Land Registry. Please note that official copies are admissible in court as evidence.

Find out where to send your applications.

How to fill in form OC1

  • give the details of the land or property you want official copies for, 
  • give the title number if you have it 
  • give your own details into the applicant fields. 
  • If the land or property is registered, we will post you an official copy of the title register. If it isn't registered we will let you know.

If you do not know the title number

  • If you do not know the title number of the land or property you must write 'Please supply title number' on the top of form OC1. We will then carry out a search to see if it is registered with us.
  • Any OC1 forms with 'Please supply title number' written on the top will not be dealt with if:
  • it contains a non-postal address (for instance 'land on the west side of High Street, Anytown' or '33 Cannon Road and land adjoining, Anytown') 
  • a plan is sent with it that does not match the property description 
  • it shows that the property or land has more than five title numbers. 

If the Land or property cannot be easily identified

If we are unable to process your OC1 application because we cannot identify the land or property, we will ask you apply with form SIM to carry out a Search of the Index Map. This map, based on the Ordnance Survey map, provides an index of registered land and property. 

Download "Form SIM - Application for an official search of the index map" (PDF, 43KB) 

This service will cost £4:

  • if the land isn't registered, or
  • the land or property covers five or fewer registered title numbers 

If the search reveals more than five title numbers, the fee will vary depending on the number of title numbers revealed. You can only pay by cheque, made out to Land Registry.

Find out where to send your applications.

If the land isn't registered, see how to register your property.

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