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What is public data?

Public data is the objective, factual, non-personal data on which public services run and are assessed, and policy decisions are based. It includes data that is collected or generated while delivering public services.

As part of our commitment to the Government's priorities of economic growth and data transparency we are committed to releasing more of our data to support a move to greater openness.

What public data does Land Registry publish?

Land Registry makes a range of core reference datasets available, in line with the Data Strategy Board and the Public Data Group.

Open Government Licence

Learn more about the accessibility enhancements we’ve made to the linked data, such as our new search the house price index and price paid data report builder.

Chargeable, restricted licence

Personal data is not included in these datasets, in order to protect privacy. See our frequently asked questions for further information.

The data published has been collected from a variety of sources as part of the land registration process. We have developed internal quality processes to help us ensure our data correctly reflects the information provided to us on registration.

We use reasonable skill and care in the provision of the data, but we cannot guarantee our data is fit for your intended purpose or use.

If you intend to publish or quote from the data supplied, please let us know in advance of publication.

What is the Open Government Licence?

Our price paid and transaction datasets are available for use and re-use under the Open Government Licence (OGL). This licence enables public bodies to make their data available for re-use.

Why does Land Registry release public data?

The Government has a clear commitment to greater transparency of public information and continuing to open up public sector data based on the principles of the enhanced right to data and the presumption of publication. 

Opening up public sector data provides opportunities for innovative developers, businesses and the public to generate social and economic growth through the use of data.

We already publish a range of data and we are committed to releasing more of our data to support this move to greater openness. We intend to add to the data published on this page, data which we believe would be:

  • of wider public interest
  • information frequently requested
  • information that is not available from us elsewhere.

What other data does Land Registry provide?

Alongside our public data, we provide commercial data through our range of Add Value services. Find out more about our Add Value services. A list of electronic data we hold is available in the dataset inventory.

House Price Index

June 2014: 276.6

(Jan 1995 = 100)

Avg. price £172,011 Change:
Monthly 0.0%
Annual 6.4%
Next index: 9.30am, 29 August 2014
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