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Why is information about the price I paid for my house on the Internet?

Since 3 December 1990 the Land Register has been open to the public.

We have been recording price paid information since April 2000, so this information is publicly available as part of the open register.

The decision to record this information was made following public and legal consultation. One of the reasons for recording it was to increase transparency and help reduce the risk of certain types of fraud where property prices could be misrepresented if the register was not open.

Since 23 March 2012 our Price paid data showing all residential property sales in England and Wales, at address level, has been made available free of charge, as one of the initiatives to support government's commitment to greater transparency of public information and the continuation of opening up public sector data.

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June 2014: 276.6

(Jan 1995 = 100)

Avg. price £172,011 Change:
Monthly 0.0%
Annual 6.4%
Next index: 9.30am, 29 August 2014

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