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How do I transfer (sell or gift) my registered land or property?

Transferring the whole of the land or property

You will need to fill in and send us a form TR1 (PDF, 52KB), if you want to:

  • sell the whole of the land or property to other people, or,
  • add someone to the ownership - you want to give other people a share in the land or property, whether or not money is changing hands, for example:
  • on marriage or civil partnership when the current owner is giving their partner a part share in their land or property, they must transfer it from themselves to themselves and their new partner,
  • E and F are owners and want to add G and H to the ownership, E and F must transfer to E,F G and H,
  • remove someone from the ownership, for example:
  • when a relationship breaks down and one of the current owners no longer wants to be an owner they must  transfer the land or property from themselves and the current owner to the remaining owner,  
  • J, K and L are owners J no longer wants to be an owner so, J, K and L must transfer to K and L.

See explanatory notes for how to complete form TR1.

Transferring part of the property or land

If you are only selling part of a property or land, (called a 'Transfer of Part') rather then a share in the property or land, for example, you have a large garden and agree to sell part of it to your neighbour, or the other way round, you will need to fill in and send us a form TP1.

Application forms

For all types of transfer you will need to fill in and send us a: 

For more details see when and why do I need to produce evidence of identity.

Transferring property can be complex, if you have a mortgage on your property your lender might insist that you use a solicitor or conveyancer.

Under our advisory policy we can give customers factual information and procedural advice about how the land registration system works and how to make an application, but we cannot provide legal advice. In view of the complexities of the law in relation to this matter you may wish to seek legal advice.

Find out where to send your registration applications.

How much are fees for Land Registry applications?

Stamp duty

You may also need to pay stamp duty land tax. Please contact the HM Revenue & Customs enquiry line on 0300 200 3510 for advice, or online at

Transferring land or property on the death of an owner

For information on what to do when a land or property owner dies, see - What to do when a property owner dies.

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