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Can I find out where the boundary of my land or property is?

It is usually very difficult to find out the exact position of a boundary, most registered land and property in England and Wales is registered with general boundaries. This is because when a property is first registered:

  • the title deeds rarely give precise legal boundaries
  • often owners do not know where they are
  • finding out the exact position of the legal boundaries at the time of registration can be expensive and may lead to unnecessary disputes. 

Once the land or property is registered we create a title plan, which whilst being as accurate as possible, it does not show the precise position of the boundaries and cannot be used to establish exact boundary positions. Measurements taken by scaling between features shown on the title plan may not agree with the actual distance measured between the same features on the ground.

What is the legal boundary?  

The legal boundary is an imaginary or invisible line that separates one person's property from another.  It does not have thickness or width and is rarely identified with any precision either on the ground or in the title deeds, and is not shown on Ordnance Survey mapping. 

What is the physical boundary?

The physical boundary is a feature that can be seen, such as a fence, wall or a hedge. The legal boundary may follow any physical boundary structure but might just as easily run along one particular side of the fence, wall or hedge, or include all or part of any adjoining roadway or stream.

How do I fix the boundaries more precisely?

Under section 60 of the Land Registration Act 2002, you can fix your boundaries more precisely by sending us:

This procedure is known as 'determining the boundary'.

As an alternative you can make a formal boundary agreement with your neighbour(s) and ask us to be note it on your individual registers. This will effectively record the agreement, but will not determine the exact line of the boundary of the registered title.(s).

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