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How can I get a copy of a title register and/or title plan?

Order title plans or registers online

If you have the full address or title number for the property, you can use our online property search.

Ordering title registers and title plans by post

You can also ask for an official copy of the register or title plan by filling in and sending us form OC1 (PDF, 58.8KB).

To fill in OC1:

If the land or property is registered, we will post you an official copy of the title register. If it isn't registered we will let you know.

 Note: Official copies are admissible in court as evidence.

It costs £7 for an official copy of the title register and £7 for an official copy of the title plan.

If you do not know the title number

If you do not know the title number of the land or property you must write 'Please supply title number' on the top of form OC1. We will then carry out a search to see if it is registered with us.

Any OC1 forms with 'Please supply title number' written on the top will not be dealt with if:

  • it contains a non-postal address (for instance 'land on the west side of High Street, Anytown' or '33 Cannon Road and land adjoining, Anytown')
  • a plan is sent with it that does not match the property description 
  • it shows that the property or land has more than five title numbers.

Find out where to send your registration applications

If we are unable to deal with your OC1 application, because we cannot identify the land or property, it maybe because it is not registered, see "Is all land registered?" 

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