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Practice Guide 40 – Land Registry plans - Guide overview

Updated: June 2012


This edition of the guide replaces the October 2005 edition. The guide has been extensively revised following feedback from practitioners and members of our own staff.

Scope of this guide

This guide gives an overview of the six new supplements that comprise the complete guide. The supplements deal with specific issues and have been introduced so that information is logically presented and more readily to hand. It is aimed at legal advisers and land professionals such as surveyors; you should interpret references to ‘you’ accordingly. Land Registry staff will also refer to it.

1 Supplement 1 – The basis of Land Registry plans

This supplement describes the origins and scales of Ordnance Survey mapping and how this relates to plans prepared by Land Registry.

The main headings in this supplement are:

1 Introduction

2 Ordnance Survey mapping

3 Scale and accuracy of Ordnance Survey mapping

4 Feature representation on Ordnance Survey mapping

5 Availability of Ordnance Survey mapping

6 Copyright

7 Contacting Ordnance Survey

8 Enquiries and comments

2 Supplement 2 – Guidance for preparing plans for Land Registry applications

This supplement has been designed to assist in the preparation of deed plans.

The main headings in this supplement are:

1 Introduction

2 Why good quality plans are important

3 Plans for specific application types or situations

4 Plans for first registrations

5 Plans for transfers/leases of part of a registered estate

6 Plans for unusual extents of land

7 Use of verbal descriptions

8 Completion of the title plan as an alternative to raising requisitions

9 Guidelines for preparing plans for Land Registry applications

10 Enquiries and comments

3 Supplement 3 – Boundaries

This supplement gives an overview of boundaries including general boundaries and boundary ownership and maintenance.

The main headings in this supplement are:

1 Abbreviations used

2 Introduction

3 Definition of a boundary

4 Difficulties in showing the precise position of physical boundaries on plans

5 Identifying the position of the legal boundary

6 General boundaries

7 Fixed boundaries

8 Boundary agreements and determined boundaries

9 Ownership and/or maintenance of boundaries

10 Party Wall etc Act 1996

11 Accretion and diluvion – non-tidal rivers and streams

12 Legal presumptions

13 Enquiries and comments

4 Supplement 4 – Boundary agreements and determined boundaries

This supplement describes boundary agreements and determined boundaries and describes the application process.

The main headings in this supplement are:

1 Abbreviations used

2 Boundary agreements

3 How to get a boundary agreement recorded in the register

4 Determined boundaries

5 How to apply for a boundary to be shown in the register as determined

6 The determined boundary plan (general)

7  Determined boundary plan requirements

8 Use of Permanent Ground Markers

9 How the determined boundary is shown in the register

10 Appendix 1 – Checklist of determined boundary plan requirements

11 Appendix 2 – Example of a determined plan boundary based on measurements

12 Enquiries and comments

5 Supplement 5 – Title plan

This supplement describes the purpose, creation and maintenance of title plans.

The main headings in this supplement are:

1 Abbreviations used

2 Introduction

3 The purpose of a title plan

4 Types of title plan

5 Creating a title plan

6 Title plan scales

7 Title plan size

8 What a title plan must always show

9 Dimensions

10 Colour references

11 Other information on a title plan

12 Updating a title plan

13 Surveys

14 Appendix 1 – Title plan conventions

15 Enquiries and comments

6 Supplement 6 – Other Land Registry plans related services and guides

This supplement describes other plans related services and other sources of mapping guidance.

The main headings in this supplement are:

1 Abbreviations used

2 Searches of the index map

3 Illustrative plans

4 Electronic extent data

5 Land Registry practice and public guides

6 Enquiries and comments

7 Enquiries and comments

If you have a particular concern that is not covered by this guide, please contact Customer Support in advance of the transaction – see Contact details. If the transaction is particularly complex, it may be better if you make your enquiry in writing at the Land Registry office that will process your application. See Practice Guide 51 – Areas served by Land Registry offices.

If you have any comments or suggestions about our guides, please send them to:

Central Operations Group
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(DX 8888 Croydon 3)

You can obtain further copies of this and all our guides free from Customer Support or you can download them from our website in English and Welsh at

Land Registry advisory policy

We offer advice to our customers through our publications and Customer Support information and through the day-to-day handling of applications.

We provide factual information including official copies of registers, title plans and documents, searches and details of our forms and fees.

We provide procedural advice to explain how the land registration system works and how to make applications correctly. This includes:

  • advice in advance of an application, where this is requested
  • where an application is defective, advice as to the nature of the problem and what options, if any, are available to put it right
  • an approval service for estate layout plans and certain other land registration documents.

There are limits to the advice that we will provide. We will not provide legal advice.

This means that:

  • we will not approve the evidence to be produced in support of a registration application before we receive the application
  • apart from procedural advice, we will not advise on what action to take
  • we will not recommend a professional adviser but can explain how to find one.

We provide advice only about real cases, not about theoretical circumstances. We will not express a view on questions where the law is complex or unclear except where the question arises on a live registration application.

In providing this factual information and procedural advice we will:

  • be impartial
  • recognise that others may be affected by what we say
  • avoid any conflict of interest.

Contact details

For customer enquiries and to request this publication in an alternative format please contact Customer Support at or telephone 0844 892 1111, or 0844 892 1122 for a Welsh-speaking service, from Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm. Calls cost 3p a minute on a BT standard tariff, in addition to the current set up/connection charge. Calls from other tariffs, service providers and mobile phones may cost more. We do not receive any revenue from these calls.

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Information in this guide

The information in this publication is for the purpose of providing general guidance about Land Registry's procedures and policies. It is intended only as a guide and does not cover every situation that may arise. It also does not limit Land Registry's ability to use its discretion when appropriate to do so, within the land registration legislation.

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