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The Land Registration Fee Order 2013  came into force on 17 March 2014.

If you are unsure of the fee to be paid for a specific application you can use our fee calculator.

Fees for electronic applications 

As part of the new Fee Order, we introduced a 50 per cent reduction in fee for certain applications relating to the whole of a title number which are submitted through our electronic Document Registration Service (e-DRS). The electronic applications eligible for this 50 per cent reduction are:

  • transfers of whole
  • charges of whole
  • transfers of charges
  • some fixed fee applications.

The following applications are excluded from this reduction and continue to carry the full fee regardless of their method of delivery.

  • all applications for the first registration of a property or a rentcharge (Form FR1)
  • all applications for a caution against first registration of a property (Form CT1) or an application to alter a cautions register 
  • transfer of part of a registered title (Forms AS3, TP1, TP2)
  • new lease of whole or part of a registered title where the lease will be registered separately
  • charge affecting only part of a registered title 
  • all applications to register an adverse possessor of land (Forms FR1, ADV1) 
  • all applications to determine a boundary (Form DB)
  • all applications relating to commonhold properties (Forms CM1 to CM6, COE, CON1, CON2, COV, SR1)
  • applications for the return of a document (Form RD1). 

Detailed guides 

The following guides provide a summary that will help you to identify the correct fee payable for the main types of application:

You can also view our guide to portal information services fees

You will find further details in the following documents:

Past fee orders

You can view previous fee orders on the website:

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