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Electronic Document Registration Service

Our electronic Document Registration Service (e-DRS) is a faster and more cost-effective way for you to submit and receive applications.

If you currently submit postal applications to change the register, you will be able to submit the majority of them electronically with e-DRS.

Why join e-DRS?

  • Speed. Reduce average end-to-end processing times through electronic submission of applications.
  • Cost and environmental impact. Cut back on paper consumption and reduce costs such as postage and manual processing.
  • Electronic audit trail. All applications will be received and responded to electronically, creating an audit trail that will help to prevent fraud.

How to access e-DRS

You can access e-DRS through our two electronic channels: 

Business Gateway The portal
Available on Business Gateway, our business-to-business channel.
e-DRS on Business Gateway
Available on the portal, our web-based channel.
e-DRS via the portal

Benefits to your business

The following features of e-DRS will make the application process easier:

  • Builds on the e-lodgement and e-delivery of application types already available.
  • Allows substantive registration applications and transaction types (form AP1 and scanned versions of accompanying documents) to be submitted by a signed-up organisation with legally qualified supervision.
  • Includes applications to register transfers and/or charges together with other common transaction types affecting the whole of a registered title.
  • Includes applications to register a new lease where the reversionary (landlord) title is registered and lease extension applications to vary the term or extent of an existing registered lease (where the landlord title(s) is also registered).
  • Includes applications to register a Transfer in form TP1 or TP2 and Assent in form AS3. 
  • Applications will be registered by Land Registry and the completed application returned to you electronically.

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