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Guide for first time users

If you have not used any of our online training/overview modules before, here are a few tips to help you use the material.

  • Once you have selected a specific module, follow the onscreen prompts that guide you through the training.
  • The modules will open in a new window in your web browser. If the mavigation bar at the botton of your screen is partly hidden, change the window to full screen.
  • The navigation bar at the bottom of each screen allows you to control the flow of a module to suit your own learning pace. For example, you can use the back button if you need to read a previous screen again.
  • The TOC button opens a Table of Contents that allows you to select any slide within a module. There is also a search facility within the table. Close the table by selecting the TOC button again.
  • A support document in PDF format is available within most modules for download and printing as required. Print the document using your PDF reader software.
  • Modules that are numbered (for example - Module 1) should be completed in numeric order as they show a process that must be completed in sequence.

You will need Adobe Flash Player installed on your machine to view these modules.

House Price Index

May 2014: 276.6

(Jan 1995 = 100)

Avg. price £172,035 Change:
Monthly 0.4%
Annual 6.7%
Next index: 9.30am, 28 July 2014

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