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Business e-services is a range of services that support the conveyancing process. Customers use Business e-services to request information from the Land Register, lodge applications and discharge mortgages online. They can be accessed through two online channels, the portal and Business Gateway.

Portal and Business Gateway services are available from 6.30am to 11.00pm every day, including bank holidays. Dedicated customer support is available from 8am to 6pm during weekdays. Online support is available 24/7.

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There are significant benefits for customers who use one of our electronic channels rather than the traditional paper-based application route, such as:

  • improved speed, certainty and accuracy of applications
  • reduced postal costs
  • savings in time, money and resources
  • reduced environmental impact
  • an electronic audit trail that helps to prevent fraud.

Available services

Business e-services are divided into groups. The use of each group of services is governed by a ceratin agreement.

  • Information Services
    Request information from the Land Register over the internet. For example, you can request searches of the index map, official copies of documents, registers and/or title plans; make day list enquiries, and lodge protecting searches of whole or part of a title. Find out more about information services.
  • Network Services
    Lodge certain applications to change the register over the internet. For example, you can change proprietors’ names due to marriage and remove the name of a deceased joint proprietor from the register. Find out more about network services.
  • Lender Services
    Mortgage lenders can discharge their mortgages over the internet. Find out more about lender services.
  • Electronic Document Registration Service (e-DRS)
    Send and receive applications to change the register electronically, rather than through the post. Find out more about e-DRS

Using Business e-services

Before use, you must apply for, and be granted access to each group of Business e-services that you would like to use. Business e-services is accessed through our free online channels: the portal and Business Gateway. The services available for each channel differ. Customers pay for the Business e-services applications they make by Variable Direct Debit (VDD).

Applying for Business e-services.

The portal

The portal is our secure website platform used to access Business e-services. All Business e-services are available through our portal. Find out more about the portal.

Business Gateway

Business Gateway enables a customer’s case management system (CMS) to communicate directly with our systems securely. Most information services are available through Business Gateway. Find out more about Business Gateway.

Further information

You can find out more about Business e-services from our Customer online training modules. You will also find useful information in the portal guidance notes and the technical manual

Other electronic services

You can get electronic copies of title registers, title plans and Flood Risk Indicator results for more than 23 million registered properties in England and Wales. Electronic copies can be purchased and downloaded in PDF format through Land Registry’s public facing ‘Find a property’ service. Please note that these are not 'official copies'. Find out more about Find a property.

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