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28 November 2013
PR 19/13

Land Registry releases its historic price paid data

From today, 28 November 2013, all Land Registry’s historic price paid data of over 18 million sales is available to download for free as part of its open data programme, bringing even greater transparency to the UK residential property market.

Giving access to a dataset going back to 1995, containing in excess of 400 million data items, developers and businesses can now use one of the world’s largest property datasets of residential sales in England and Wales for commercial and non commercial purposes. It is also used to calculate Land Registry’s popular House Price Index.

The data being released today includes records of sales at full market value lodged for registration since January 1995. Collectively this represents almost 18 years worth of valuable information on the country’s housing market. Since the first tranche of data was released in June this year, more than 114,000 files have been downloaded.

Eddie Davies, Land Registry’s Director of Commercial & Customer Strategy, said:

    “Today’s release takes us one step nearer towards our vision of being a world leader of property data management and part of the open data landscape.

    “The potential for use and reuse of this data is enormous and we hope that providing it in a number of different formats makes it more accessible and able to be shared more easily.”

The data released shows that the cheapest property ranged from £5,200 in 1995 to £8,000 in 2013 and the most expensive from £3.75 million in 1995 to £29.35 million in 2013. In 1995 there were just over 105,000 new build sales; in 2013 the figure is around 45,700. The only ‘property type’ sales to have increased since 1995 are flats and maisonettes.

  Access the price paid data 


Historic price paid data infographic 

Notes to editors

  1. Land Registry has been publishing free datasets since 2012 under the Open Government Licence (OGL) in Excel, CSV and linked data formats at and
  2. Datasets are published on the twentieth working day of each month The next datasets will be released on Tuesday 31 December #opendata
  3. Land Registry's price paid dataset contains details of more than 18 million residential property sales completed in England and Wales since January 1995. It provides the basis for the analysis used to complete the monthly House Price Index and is available in txt, csv and machine readable linked data formats.
  4. The records include the full address of the property, the price paid, the date of the sale, the property type, whether it is a new build or not and whether it is freehold or leasehold.
  5. As a government department established in 1862, executive agency and trading fund responsible to the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Land Registry keeps and maintains the Land Register for England and Wales. The Land Register has been an open document since 1990.
  6. With the largest transactional database of its kind detailing over 23 million titles, Land Registry underpins the economy by safeguarding ownership of many billions of pounds worth of property.
  7. For further information about Land Registry, visit Follow us on Twitter @LandRegGov. Find us on LinkedIn, Facebook and our blog.


Marion Shelley

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