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This statement sets out the functions carried out by HM Land Registry that are within its public task under the Re-use of Public sector Information Regulations 2005.

Land Registry is a non ministerial government department, and our functions are wholly statutory. The relevant powers and responsibilities are set out in the Land Registration Act 2002. There are also statutory responsibilities under the Agricultural Credits Act 1928 and the Land Charges Act 1972. Our main purpose is to register ownership of land in England and Wales and to record dealings with land once it is registered.

This means that the information we hold comprises registers, indices and documents relating to property and its ownership. Our legislation obliges us to make this information publicly available and prescribes the charging of specific fees for its release in specified formats. There are additional constraints on release and re use including data protection and copyright. Firstly, under the Data Protection Act 1998, because much of the information relates to name and address and other personal data. Secondly, because much of the information held and available for release is not Crown copyright. In many cases it has been prepared by others, such as property owners and their professional advisers. 

Land Registry’s Publication Scheme contains details of information which is available for free re-use under the Open Government Licence. Requests for information falling outside our public task will be considered in accordance with our published licensing terms and conditions/commercial services team

This statement is regularly reviewed and is due to be reviewed in December 2012. If you have any queries on this public task statement, you can contact us at If you have a complaint about us under the Re-use Regulations you can submit it using our complaints handling process

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