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Our market trend data helps you track, analyse and predict trends in the property market. It is made up of our House Price Index, our public data and our Add Value services.

Public data 

Public data is the objective, factual, non-personal data on which public services run and are assessed, and policy decisions are based.

We publish the following freely available public data:

Land Registry is part of the Public Data Group and releases data under the Open Government Licence. Learn more about our public data.

House Price Index

Our House Price Index is the most accurate independent house price index available. Using our data set of completed sales, it is the only index based on repeat sales. 

Add Value data

Alongside our House Price Index and public data, we provide data commercially through our range of Add Value services.

House Price Index

May 2014: 276.6

(Jan 1995 = 100)

Avg. price £172,035 Change:
Monthly 0.4%
Annual 6.7%
Next index: 9.30am, 28 July 2014

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