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Commercial Add Value services used by solicitors and conveyancers

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illustrative plans iconIllustrative Plans. Used by solicitors and conveyancers, infrastructure companies and utilities. Get an accurate pictorial representation of how multiple title numbers obtained from a search of the index map (SIM) relate to each other against the Ordnance Survey map.

Flood risk iconFlood Risk Indicator. Used by solicitors, conveyancers, and members of the public. Get instant, concise, flood risk reports for specific properties using our online Find a property service.


Property portfolio consolidator iconProperty Portfolio Consolidator - Used by solicitors, conveyancers, social landlords, local authorities, developers and auditors. Get a complete overview of all your registered property in England and Wales to help you manage your stock. This service gives you everything you need to consolidate, strengthen and update the information you hold on your properties and identify vulnerable titles you can secure.

Register extract serviceRegister Extract Service - Used by solicitors and conveyancers
Automatically populate your casework management system with property register details direct from the most trusted provider.


Searchlight iconSearchlight - Used by solicitors and conveyancers, local authorities, consultants, social landlords, infrastructure companies and lenders. Receive regular updates to your Electronic Extent Data (polygons) or your Property Portfolio Consolidator (PPC) information to ensure it stays as accurate as the day you purchased it.

House Price Index

June 2014: 276.6

(Jan 1995 = 100)

Avg. price £172,011 Change:
Monthly 0.0%
Annual 6.4%
Next index: 9.30am, 29 August 2014

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