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Fees reduced for selected commercial services

On 22 October we reduced fees for all our commercial services that supply a title register or a title plan.

This reduction is in line with the reduction of our statutory fees under our new fee order. Customers will benefit from reduced fees on specific delivery methods for the services listed below.

Data matching logoData Matching
Confirm addresses and append reliable ownership information to your records. Receive a price reduction on official copies for results delivered as a PDF or in a spreadsheet. View full details >>

Reduced by £1 per title

Polygons logoElectronic Extent Data (Polygons)
View the extent of specified registered titles as polygons through your GIS software. Pay a reduced price if you choose to append register information to each polygon. View full details >>

Reduced by £1 per title

Property portfolioProperty Portfolio Consolidator
Consolidate, strengthen and update the information you hold on properties and identify vulnerable titles. Pay a reduced price if you receive portfolio title registers and title plans. View full details >>

Reduced by £1 per title register or title plan

Property monitoring servicesMonitoring services
Monitor changes in ownership or extent information and keep your records up-to-date. Pay a reduced price on title registers and title plans of properties that change in ownership or extentView full details >>

Reduced by £1 per title register or title plan

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